Permanent lip makeup

Permanent lip makeup is a technique used to enhance natural lip shape and make them even more beautiful. Permanent makeup does not enhance lip volume, but it makes lips look more sensual. This technique achieves outstanding results not only in enhancing natural lip shape, but in correcting minor imperfections making the face more harmonious and attractive as well. Using this corrective procedure, you can completely even out asymmetrical and uneven lip contours.


  1. Lipstick effect
  2. Aquarelle lips / Lip blushing
  • Duration

    120-150 min

  • Price


Aquarelle lips / Lip blushing

Aquarelle lips / lip blushing is a very gentle permanent makeup technique. Its final result is your lips being two to three shades darker. They get a more voluptuous, fresh and sheer look.  Aquarelle lips are said to be the technique for classy ladies. It is ideal for those who do not like their lips to look dramatic.

Lipstick effect

Lipstick effect is a full lip technique. It is more dramatic than aquarelle technique. Deeper color is applied in order to get the lipstick look.

This procedure is not painful. However, mild discomfort may be felt due to the sensitivity of the area. As a matter of course, topical anaesthetic is applied before and during the procedure. In addition, during and after the treatment there is no bleeding, swelling or any similar side effect which may affect normal functioning.

Clients have to be provided with necessary information and after-care instructions to be followed immediately after the procedure, as well as with those regarding creating skin care routine. The primary purpose of the instructions is achieving impressive results to the mutual satisfaction.

Permanent lip makeup lasts for a minimum of 2 years.