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Verica Blaško – Permanent makeup

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Dear Sir/Madam, my name is Verica Blaško and I come from Belgrade the capital of Serbia, a small European country

Permanent makeup is my dream, my whole world which inspires me and makes my life more beautiful.

I have been doing permanent makeup for the last 15 years. I believe I was one of the first makeup artists to recognize the importance of permanent makeup industry. What is more, I daresay my undivided dedication contributed significantly to its global expanding popularity.

Over the years, I have been continuously trying to improve the quality of my work. I make sure every client is satisfied, trying to outdo myself every single time.

I have created a unique style by investing a lot of my passion and dedication into it, whereas my technique has become easily recognizable among my clients and colleagues.

Over the last few years I have been actively working as an educator. I am willing to share with others all the knowledge I have acquired over the years by doing my job and attending numerous educational sessions.

My greatest wish is to help my colleagues become more successful by perfecting their work and improve clients’ satisfaction. This way, all of us together are going to create conditions for permanent makeup to become more popular and generally accepted all over the world.

Why choose Verica Blaško?

When you decide to have permanent makeup done, do you mind who you are trusting your face with?

The final outcome of permanent eyebrow or lip makeup could look either good or bad. Regardless of the result, it is there to stay permanently…

Although not forever, ‘permanently’ could seem to you like an eternity if you are dissatisfied, couldn’t it?

PMU konferencija Senceni ajlajner

Verica Blaško has been a participant in one of the biggest PMU conferences. She took part in the America the Beautiful PMU Conference which took place in Las Vegas, the USA. Will Anthony, Mary Ritcherson and Teryn Darling were excellent hosts. We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation of their support. […]

Verica Blasko Majami 2019

Miami, among other things, is also known as one of the most significant cities for permanent makeup artists. At the special invitation of the host, Verica Blaško gave an training session for “eyebrow powder” and “shadowed eyeliner” techniques. Education sessions take place at Microbeau headquarters. This company is the manufacturer of the currently most prestigious […]

Last week was dedicated to the largest PMU Event in Eastern Europe held in Bucharest. I presented my favorite “shaded eyeliner” technique. On the last day, I had a Master Class. During the conference, it was a great pleasure to hang out with renowned professionals from around the world such as Dora Hollos, Toni Belfatto, […]



Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup, also known as micro pigmentation is a procedure of intradermal application of colors in order to make face look more attractive, cover imperfections or enhance natural beauty.   Permanent makeup is the perfect choice for modern women who want to look pretty, well looked after and attractive at all times. A person who does permanent makeup is called a micro pigmentist.

Factors contributing to the perfect results

The Micropigmentist

A micropigmentist has to be an educated professional possessing numerous job-specific skills. In order to achieve perfect results a micropigmetist has to possess the following skills and knowledge:

  • Sense of beauty and symmetry
  • Odlično poznavanje koloristike – teorije boja
  • Extensive knowledge of coloristics – the theory of colors
  • Drawing skills and a sense of symmetry

All the above-mentioned factors are necessary to achieve excellent results

These are the requirements for excellent results:

An excellent result is determined by the following elements:

  • Micropigmentist’s extensive knowledge and experience
  • The use of state-of-the- art machines
  • Application of high quality pigments
  • High sanitary standards provided by the micropigmentist
  • The condition and quality of client’s skin
  • Aftercare of the area where pigment was applied

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