Verica Blaško has been a participant in one of the biggest PMU conferences.

She took part in the America the Beautiful PMU Conference which took place in Las Vegas, the USA.

Will Anthony, Mary Ritcherson and Teryn Darling were excellent hosts. We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation of their support. They shared their fascination with Verica’s work in the field of shading eyeliner, pmu lips and powder eyebrows with other people who attended the Conference.

Shading eyeliner is a highly sought-after technique by our clients. However, due to its specific features, its execution is very demanding. At the conference, Verica acquainted the attendees with her signature shading eyeliner technique which helped her make a name for herself among A-list permanent makeup artists.

Owing to the quality of her work and her effective presentations, Verica has been invited by the organizer of Australia’s biggest permanent makeup conference to share her knowledge and skills with her colleagues in Australia. This conference will bring together world’s most acclaimed permanent makeup artists, so we can proudly announce Verica’s participation. At this conference she will be able to present her favourite techniques: shading eyeliner, classic eyeliner, powder eyebrows and aquarelle lips.

The America the Beautiful PMU Conference was very well organized. We were able to attend some outstanding presentations and see the works of permanent makeup artist from all segments of the industry. The most significant elements for success in the permanent makeup business were elaborated. The high point of this talk was the presentation of the methodology of most effective communication with our clients who have the desire to get a permanent makeup treatment. In addition, the best permanent makeup lip, eyebrow and eyeliner techniques were presented. The newest trends in the permanent makeup industry were probably the highlights of the conference.

What made our stay in Las Vegas so beautiful were the city itself and the atmosphere at the conference. Las Vegas is a bustling town where a day lasts 25 hours. It’s a city where the sun never sets. Socializing with other attendees and presenters was most enjoyable. It was a rare occasion to experience an extremely positive atmosphere without any trace of vanity. The climax of the whole event was the fabulous 1980s Entertainment theme party.

According to attendees’ impressions we may conclude that this is one of the most successful conferences Verica Blaško has ever attended. Acquaintances became friends. Moreover, these friendships could bring about an even stronger desire to make new progress in the permanent makeup industry.

The message Verica would like you to get is that her shading eyeliner is going to take some new forms by introducing numerous novelties into her work. Those who apply for the Webinar taking place on December 21st will be the first to see those novelties. The Webinar is being organized in order to present shading eyeliner technique. During the Webinar you will be able to see the most important elements of shading eyeliner procedure. Verica will demonstrate how to make a sketch, which is essential for a good result. Afterwards, she will show the correct sitting position and how work with the machine accurately. Consequently, you will be able to see how to achieve a perfect gradation since it is what makes the difference between ordinary and outstanding treatment techniques, and inevitably their results.

Keep following us because we offer many interesting activities for you and many more are yet to come.

The most loyal followers could expect some pleasant surprises from us.


Verica Blaško and her Team


Miami, among other things, is also known as one of the most significant cities for permanent makeup artists.

At the special invitation of the host, Verica Blaško gave an training session for “eyebrow powder” and “shadowed eyeliner” techniques.

Education sessions take place at Microbeau headquarters. This company is the manufacturer of the currently most prestigious machines for permanent makeup: Bellar and XsionS.

Education sessions for permanent lip makeup was provided in cooperation with Lulu Siciliano Permanent Makeup Artist (PMU) from Miami.

Our trainees will be able to gain experience and improve their skills by practicing on fake skin as well as by doing permanent makeup treatments on live models.

Powder eyebrow technique is exceptionally popular in the U.S.A. because the result looks very attractive, whereas its execution does not take long.

Shading eyeliner technique is a bit more demanding, so it requires prior experience in doing permanent makeup with a machine.

Last week was dedicated to the largest PMU Event in Eastern Europe held in Bucharest.

I presented my favorite “shaded eyeliner” technique. On the last day, I had a Master Class.

During the conference, it was a great pleasure to hang out with renowned professionals from around the world such as Dora Hollos, Toni Belfatto, Alan Spadone, Elena Copaceanu, Linda Paradis and others.

Photos speak more than words.


The next destination is Miami and Marathon Master Class with Lulu Siciliano.

Expect new news soon.

This week finishes with our Master Class in Prague.

I have done training sessions for all three areas:

  • Powder eyebrows
  • Full lips shading
  • Shading eyeliner

The group was excellent as well as the models, so we managed to cover a lot.

At the beginning of November I’ll be attending the biggest PMU Conference in Eastern Europe. The capital of Romania, Bucharest is hosting this prestigious PMU Event.

We expect to have a very busy schedule in Bucharest because the organizer – Theodora has prepared an outstanding program for education and entertainment, too. At the Conference I am giving a lecture on shading eyeliner. A day after the Conference I am giving my Master Class.

Expect more news from us very soon.